The end of Poptasi

I don’t even know where to begin

You know what’s funny. That i’ve got loads of things i wanna share with you. Coz actually i’m curious about your thoughts too. The one thing is how far should i go? I mean, how personal should i be. Or actually ‘can’ i be. Let’s just see how far i can go. How far i dare to go. Coz writing is one thing. Posting is another. I’m always so incredible nervous when pressing the publish button. Or maybe it’s excitement. I guess a mix of both.

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Confusion learned

Do you know what’s really funny? Or actually it is not. That if someone asks you what you do, they expect an unambiguous answer. That is common. If you answer that you are for example a salesperson or manager, they understand. That’s easy.  That’s clear. But if you answer that you are a writer, a baker and a DJ, then most of them are confused. That’s learned confusion learned.

Then you can expect a reaction like: ‘oh … you are .. eh … creative?’. Isn’t it crazy, that we need a name for it? We think it’s normal. Otherwise it is weird. And confusing. Of course that’s not normal. In short, how do you disentangle confusion? Continue reading “Confusion learned”

Writing therapy

Schrijf therapie

Now I was planning to start writing anyway. Just becoz it is great fun to write. But also becoz it’s some kind of therapy. I’m not a fan of clichés, but it is in a way that when you write something down you can let it go. And it works. But thanks to the many replies on my last post about ‘Doubts ups and downs’, you gave me this little push. Maybe this is just what I needed. So thank you very much!   Continue reading “Writing therapy”

Later when I grow up…

Did you also have a dream of what you wanted to be when you grow up? Like ‘Later when I grow up…’. I did not. Although I am a dreamer. Or … is that just having a rich fantasy ..? But I did not exactly have a dream that I wanted to live up to. I just liked many things. Too many maybe. Still actually. Continue reading “Later when I grow up…”