Become a rockstar

Become a rockstar. That sounds quite like a big promise. I know. And yet it is possible. For real. Only you have to have it in you. Because a rockstar requires certain characteristics and skills. Skills you can learn. But how do you know if you have the characteristics. Pretty easy. By answering the following questions:

Rockstar test: Do you have it in you?

1. Do you believe everything you are told?

2. Do you compare yourself with others?

3. Do you want to make a lot of money quickly?

4. Would you like to be better than someone else?

5. Do you always accept everything that is written?

All questions answered with YES

Then I have good news for you. Because then you are already done. You do not have to read further. I would just click here.

Answered three or more questions with NO

Congratulations! You passed the first test! You do not only fulfill all the characteristics above, but you have proven one immediately: You do not accept everything that is written. No. You follow your own feelings. Let yourself be guided by your curiosity. That is a great feature. Because your adventure is going to start here.

First this

The name ‘rockstar’ already evokes many associations. But before I explain how you can become one, I first want to get some things straight. Eventhough it’s tempting to jump in immediately. Personally I’d also do that. But let’s start at the beginning. A step that is often forgotten. The definition of rockstar.

According to, a rock star is (1) a rock-n-roll star or celebrity ‘and’ (2) a star or celebrity in any field or profession, or anyone who is highly admired; TV chefs are the new rock stars.

Yes, even dictionaries make mistakes. Or … is that called a paradox? Let me look it up… (in a dictionary ..?) Anywayz, it’s ok. We all make mistakes sometimes.

A rockstar has nothing to do with ‘celebrity, highly admired or rock-n-roll’. No. That’s what they made of it. It has nothing to do with being famous or admired. It even has nothing to do with a profession. Although that might be possible, but it’s not a requirement.

The name says it all

A rockstar is, as the name implies, a ‘star that rocks’. Or a star that shines. For now, I don’t mean a star in the sky. But: ‘the shining that shows because you do what you like to do best, which makes you a star’. Rock in what you do. Shine. It does not matter in what. You do not have to worry about the level. You decide that yourself. After all, shine come from within.

The most important characteristic of a rockstar is that he always stays true to himself. Like internal. (I write ‘he’ but also mean ‘she’, but I do not want to write he/she all the time. That’s ugly and harder to read). He does not compare himself to others. Comparing is external and is wrong. The most common mistake. The crazy thing is that everyone does it. Continuously. Social media has only made it worse. But it’s of no use. Really. After all, it’s not about what someone else does, but what you like to do best. Listen to your heart. Only then can you really shine. Only then are you a real rock star.

As a rockstar it’s permitted to be a bit selfish. Secretly then. After all, it is about your feelings. Your internal you. That does not mean you can behave selfishly of course. No. A true rockstar is passionate. And loves to share his passion. He is not jealous, but sincerely happy for someone else’s passion. The only external factor that influences you is inspiration.


You do not believe everything you are told or what is written. You prefer to discover things yourself. And trust your own experiences and findings. You do not need to be better than anyone else. No. You stay true to yourself. And you do not compare yourself to others. On the contrary. You enrich others. As long as you can do what you like to do best, money is not important. But one doesn’t have to exclude the other of course. A true rockstar is not a faker or a hater. But real.

In the hectic, online world in which we live everything goes so fast. And it will only go faster and faster. We want to do so much, often out of fear of missing out. It’s not our feeling guiding us, but the opinion of others that matter most. The popularity of the review-world says it all. But do you really prefer listening to the opinion of someone else, in stead of experiencing and deciding yourself. Have you perhaps forgotten who you are?

So what’s next? I’ll take you with me. On adventure. With blogs and vlogs. Maybe even visits. Not to inspire you. No. That’s what all the other bloggers and vloggers already do. My goal is to open your mind. To discover your true self. Open your mind…