Get to know yourself again

Since i closed the shop in September 2017 i’ve been occupied with the question: What now? Even if you’re trying very hard to take it slow, there is always the pressure that you have to make a choice eventually. And as time passed by this pressure only grew. But what do you do if you don’t have a clue of what you want to do. Or what you can do. How to get to know yourself (again).

It reminded me of the job-test we got on junior high-school. Back then I had no clue either. Except in those days you had all the time in the world. No financial pressure. The longer I postponed the more difficult it got.

To be able to make a choice you need to know yourself. But that was exactly the problem. I lost myself. What i did know, is that making choices is not my strongest point. What do you mean paradox. So where do you begin. How do you get to know yourself (again)?


A friend of mine had read my blog ‘Later when I grow up‘. In a reply she tipt me to a TEDx presentatie about Multipotentialites. And when I watched it, it was just like they were talking about me. So I did some research. Via this presentation i found this website . On this site I found a book that promised to help. Usually I don’t believe in these kind of promotions. But this one made me real curious. So I ordered the book en decided to give it my full attention. I could use some help anywayz. 

In this book were some assignments. One in particular was a tricky one. Let’s say it was pretty tedious. But I gave it a twist. And the results were surprising.


De assignment was that I had to ask friends what they thought I was good at. And how they would describe me. But who do you ask such a thing. I mean, who would like to and wants to spend time to answer these questions.

After lots and lots of deliberation and doubting whether I should skip this assignment or not, I decided to post this question to my Facebook page. Private of course. With the request if anyone would send me the answers in a private message. I received such special replies. Unbelievable. Even from people I never expected to reply at all. They helped me a lot.


The tedious assignment was not so tricky after all. No. It was actually a very nice assignment looking back on it. It was so nice that I’d recommend  it to anyone who doesn’t know where to start. Or can use a little help in times when you’re (a bit) lost and don’t know what to do.

Get to know yourself (again)

To make it clear, it is not an exercise to get your ego boosted. No. On the contrary. It’s an exercise to get to know yourself better. It will probably tell you more about you than you would expect.

I admit that it was scary at the same time. Exciting. Becoz you’re exposing yourself. And you don’t know what to expect. Or whoever replies. Even if anyone will reply. But trust me, you should really try it once. It taught me so much and brought me where I am now. Love, Poptasi 8]x

Facebook post

PS Do you need some help and would you like to try it too? Then here is the text I used on my Facebook page. Just copy and paste it to yours:

Can you help me please? I’m doing this assignment which has the question: ‘Ask you friends what they think you’re good at and how they would describe you to other people’. Please reply in a private message if you can. Thank you so very much! 🙂


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