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‘I’ve never had so many reactions en mails as last week. I do understand. The shop closed permanently is not something you see every day. I received so many emails with questions that unfortunately I can’t answer them all. So let me answer as many questions as I can in this blog.

Winkel permanent gesloten

What did I miss?

Unfortunately the shop is closed. One of the most asked questions is ‘why?’ or ‘what did I miss?. There are many reasons. To many to address them all. The most impactful one is the container that was placed in front of my shop since 2015. All credits for this go to the City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam). They gave a permit for it to my neighbours next to me on the square.

Miss MaaikeP from the City of Amsterdam has personally visited ‘de Pijp’-square (as she told me) to conclude that this spot was the best to place these containers and all their construction materials. When I asked her why she placed it exactly in front of my shop, she replied with ‘but where is your shop then??’. I rest my case.

That was the beginning of the end of my shop. One positive mark: we did survive for two years. But what many of you don’t know, is that my partner also left me last year. Things weren’t really working with me.

This is the post of that very last day

Sunday 24 September 2017 is the very last day our shop will be open. From 12:00 till 17:00h. The vitrine will be filled with macarons. But we won’t have all our flavours unfortunately. Wo do howerver have the most delicious ones. Like Salty Caramel. Duh.

Although I would love to, we wont be having maduches. You can’t reserve macarons. And we won’t send them through our webshop. We never could on Sundays. So if you want macarons you better be on time. Becoz when they’re gone they’re gone.

We’ll give an Poptasi Original Coolpack with every box. As a souvenir or reminder of Poptasi. We will also have the last Poptasi t-shirts.

It will be an exciting day tomorrow. Who knows it might be even the bussiest day of the year (which it was). We can never predict. The weather will be great. And parking too. Since it is free parking on Sundays in De Pijp. Yes.

And if you like, in case you can’t make it tomorrow, I will place a camera in the shop so you can follow it Live on Facebook. This way you can at least have a little taste of this special day. Just let me know. How crazy it may sound, I am actually looking forward to tomorrow. We’ll make it the best and most delicious day ever! [24-09-2017] Love, Poptasi 8]x

(We opened that day at 12:00 and we were sold out at 13:00h 🙂

Winkel permanent gesloten | Sold out


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