Writing therapy

Schrijf therapie

Now I was planning to start writing anyway. Just becoz it is great fun to write. But also becoz it’s some kind of therapy. I’m not a fan of clichés, but it is in a way that when you write something down you can let it go. And it works. But thanks to the many replies on my last post about ‘Doubts ups and downs’, you gave me this little push. Maybe this is just what I needed. So thank you very much!  

So now what. Well, from now on I will do my best to write something every week. Actually I was doing that already. But from now on I will also post it. It’s good for my discipline. Or I’ll will never accomplish anything.

New website, new chapter

De new website I build is almost finished. So if you’d like to see the old macaronshop site, then you better take a good look at it right now. Becoz it will be gone soon. But something creative will come back in return. A new concept that I’ve been working on for a long time. (By the time you’re reading this, the old website is already replaced by this new blog site).

The crazy thing is that closing the shop last year (2017) was a huge and difficult task. I did it with mixed feelings. And it felt kinda like as long as the shop website was still online, not everything was gone yet. But it’s time to move on. Time to close the macaronshop-chapter once and for all. Hmmm… now I’m writing this I must say that I feel the pressure.

How I create a blog

Anywayz. Do you have any idea how I write? How I create my blogs. Personally I think it’s everything but normal. But what is normal anywayz. Normal is boring. Right? Away with boring.

For who does know me, knows that I can talk pretty fast. And the more enthusiastic I get, the faster I talk. But can you imagine that I can’t even talk as fast as I think. Coz that’s a notch faster. And no way I can write as fast as I can talk. So actually I’m doing you a favour. Becoz now you can read at your own pace. Otherwise you might go crazy. (Just like me 😉

Thinking vs writing speed

Now you have a pretty good idea how fast my thinking is, imagine how I write. I mean the structure. How the text you’re reading right now is created. It’s no secret that my Dutch isn’t that good. You have no idea how happy I am with auto correct. I think they should have introduced that way sooner.

Add to that that I’m terrible in choosing. You can say that I’m a master in not-being-able-to-choose. So whenever i start with a blog, I first write a beginning. And right after that I continue in single sentences. With all variations. And lots of white lines in between. Becoz every line I write can be improved. There is only one way to find out. By writing and testing all variations.

Writing analog

In the beginning I wrote by hand. Just pen and paper. The advantage is that you do not need a plug for your laptop. So you can write wherever you want. But it does have two disadvantages. First of all, I always get cramps in my fingers. That’s probably becoz I have a tight grip on my pen. Can’t help it. It comes naturally.

Second is that writing with pen and paper does not have the copy-paste function like in a text editor program. I do copy and paste a lot. Any text can improve so much if you only pay close attention to the order of the lines. The structure. These days I only write on my laptop. But I always bring my pen and blackbook. Just in case.


On top of that I’m readblind for my own text. It’s so difficult to reread a text that you wrote yourself and check it on errors. Nearly impossible. So nothing makesme more happy if someone checks my texts thoroughly before I post it.

Illogical chronologic

Now I have no idea how professinal writers write. I never paid it any attention. But my writing is everything but in a logic chronologic order. The moment before my text is finished it looks more like a word puzzle than a blog.

But… when I’ve reconsidered all variations, copy and pasted everything a hundred times, then… yes then the moment is here that I’m changing it another hundred times before I have the guts to press the publish-button. Luckily I can still adjust the text once it is published.

What do you mean complex

Ain’t it funny, that this text you are reading right now is the result of a mega complex process. Noone even notices. I once wrote for one and a half hour on an email with just four lines. Writing, changing, lots of white lines, copying, pasting, changing the order. And after lots of pondering press ‘send’.

This is how my texts and blogs are created. The most fun about writing is, that once a blog is finished I make a jump of joy inside. Now you know this, most likely reading my blogs will never be the same [making a jump of joy] Love, Poptasi 8]x


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