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Did you know that there are two kinds of people in the world. No I don’t mean men and woman. They are rockstars and coverbands. But before you read any further, you must have read my about-page, because it’s important that you understand where i’m coming from. And also my blog ‘Later when i grow up‘. Becoz only then you’ll understand where ‘rockstar’ comes from.

Probably by the name alone, everyone wants to be a rockstar. That does not only sound cooler, but gives a wilder association than that of a cover band. But whether you like it or not, everyone is born as a cover band. And only some of us become rockstars.

But not everyone. Because to be a rockstar you need a number of specific characteristics and skills. Skills you can learn. But the characteristics, you are born with.

Now you are probably wondering if you were born with them. Or maybe you already think that you do not have these characteristics. But there is another possibility. It could be… that you have not discovered them yet. Become a rockstar…

Open your mind

De essentie van alles

Ik zal een geheimpje verklappen. Iets waar ik zelf achter ben gekomen. Gewoonlijk bouw ik een mooi intro op. Maar laat ik nu eens met de deur in huis vallen. Wel zo gepast. Binnen zonder kloppen: ik ben een extremist.

Confusion learned

Do you know what’s really funny? Or actually it is not. That if someone asks you what you do, they expect an unambiguous answer. That is common. If you answer that you are for example a salesperson or manager, they understand. That’s easy.  That’s clear. But if you answer that you are a writer, a …

About Poptasi

This is so funny! You know why? Coz you’re curious, just like me. I’m Poptasi. But before I tell you all about Poptasi, let me first let warn you : I am not from this planet. I know, it’s hard to comprehend. Give it some time. You’ll get used to it. Just like the people who once thought this planet was flat. Crazy.

Anywayz. I’ve been roaming this planet for quite some years now. I’ve been observing and analysing. Learning and adapting. That’s what i’m a master at, adapting. Sometimes i am so good at it, that i forget who i am.  Continue reading “About Poptasi”